Dasta Giri

Senior SEO Analyst

Teachers at Spark Infosys are commited to model a passion for learning, nexcitement for subject matter and creativity in thinking. Teachers work nin collaborative teams to share expertise, pool resources and plant ninnovative programs. Because of Spark Infosys commitment to best npractices and professional learning, working within this collaborative nmodel will allow teachers greater access to new research and teaching nmethods, which they can then incorporate into curricula and their own nteaching styles. Spark Infosys teachers will always be avid participantsn in our learning community, consistently honing and refining their art nas educators. The result of this engagement is a palpable energy that nwill infuse the school and promote a school-wide passion for learning. nIn the Spark Infosys community, teachers act as mentors when sharning nareas of expertise and in turn continually seek out the knowledge of nothers to promote their own learning. Reflecting on and re-examining nmethods, programs and philosophy, will be a hallmark of Spark Infosys  ndynamic teaching community. 

Total Experience:
  • 6 Years

Current Working in:
  • Spark Innovations

Previously Worked in:
  • Spark Infosys

  • MCA

  • Search Engine Optimization,Symphony,Social Media,On page Optimization