Ethereum Development Training

Ethereum Development Training Details

  • Faculty Not Specified
  • 60 Mins/Day
  • 60 Days

  • 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
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  • Online Training
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Ethereum Development Training Course Details

Ever heard about Ethereum? Have keen interest towards building blockchain applications? Or have been looking forward for an opportunity to get involved in the Blockchain technology practically? Whatever your motivation may be, you have come to the right place to start your journey with Blockchain technology.

Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contract Technology online course offered by Eduwizz Online Trainings will help you gain fine cognizance on the smart ways of using smart contacts in real life. Also, you will know more about the ways to identify the real-life applications and build something of your own.

Though the course targets the experienced programmers, it is also applicable for software engineers who aspire to learn the basics of blockchain technology as well as the tools and languages required to build decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum Development Training Course Content

  •  To help you never fall behind, we always try to refresh our video library with the latest blockchain technology
  •  Designed for beginner to intermediate professionals as well to help them become familiar with what Ethereum is and how to use its network.
  •  Will learn about the Ethereum platform, theSolidity of the programming language, usage of web3, the Truffle framework and how to tie everything together
  •  Help you gain the ability to build a fully functioning decentralized app, deploy it and test it
  •  Practice whatever you have learned through puzzles and interactive code challenges
  • With many startups spotting the potential of Ethereum, it has become a great to master in this advanced technology. So why wait contact our Eduwizz Online Trainings support team today to know more about Ethereum Blockchain online training.

  •  History of blockchain
  •  Introduction to Blockchain
  •  Types of Blockchain
  •  Benefits and Limitations of blockchain

  •  What is Ethereum?
  •  Ether Currency
  •  Ether Denominations
  •  Ethereum Virtual Machine
  •  Dapps
  •  Smart Contracts
  •  DAO
  •  Gas and different gas related terms

  •  Accounts and different types
  •  Creating Accounts Key files
  •  Mist installation and Usage
  •  Different Types of Networks in Mist

  •  Different Ethereum clients
  •  Networks and Types
  •  Ethereum Supported Languages
  •  Ethereum Supported tools

  •  Variables
  •  Control Structures
  •  Functions
  •  Inheritance
  •  Modifiers
  •  Contracts
  •  Events
  •  Libraries
  •  Global Variables

  •  Installation
  •  Creating a Project
  •  Choosing an Ethereum Client
  •  Compiling Contracts
  •  Deploying Contracts
  •  Testing Contracts

  •  Json Interface
  •  Web3 object
  •  Web3.eth and Web3.eth.contract
  •  Web3.eth.accounts and Web3.eth.Personal
  •  Web3.eth.Iban and Web3.eth.Subscribe
  •  Web3.eth.abi and web3.*.net
  •  Web3.bzz and web3.shh
  •  Web3.utils

  •  Interacting with your contracts
  •  Configuration
  •  Truffle with Metamask
  •  Example Dapp on Truffle tool
  •  Ethereum development on cloud

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