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Java Course Details

We Provide Java training with good experienced faculty.

Introduction to java platform and setup
Object Oriented Programming
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming.
Introduction to Classes and Objects.
Instance & Static variables
Instance & Static methods
Static & Instance blocks
Package creation
Importing packages
Importing Class
Extending classes
Constructor calling chain
The “super” keyword
Method overriding
Method hiding
Final Class and Method
Abstract classes and Interfaces
Abstract methods
Abstract classes
Implementing interfaces
Abstract class vs. Interfaces
Inner classes
Non-static inner class
Static inner class
Local inner class
Anonymous inner class
Exception Handling
Introduction to exceptions
Effects of exception
Exception Handling framework
Exception class Hierarchy
Try-with resources
Finally block, throws, throw
Custom exception class
Memory Management
Different types of memory used in Java
Garbage Collection
Memory Leaks
Collections Framework
Introduction to collections
Core Collection Interfaces
List interface and its implementations
Set interface and its implementations
Queue interface and its implementations
Map interface and its implementations
Lambda Expressions
Functional interface
Behaviour parameterization
Using functional interfaces
Method references
Lambdas and method references into practice
Introduction to threads
Thread states and priorities
Thread class
Runnable interface
Thread Group
Dead locks, Handling dead locks
Inter thread communication
Generics, Enums, AutoBoxing, Working with Date, Calendar.
Understanding the design of JBDC API
Obtaining JDBC Drivers
Establish connection with DB Servers
Execute SQL Queries using Statement and Prepared Statement
Fetch the data
Reading the records using result set object
Adding and Updating the records.

1. Web application development
Introduction to web application development
Purpose of web application development
Various elements of web applications
Setting up Tomcat web server and Eclipse WTP
Developing dynamic web applications using Servlet’s
Overview of Servlet2.5 & 3 API’s
Handling a client’s request using Servlet
Configuring servlet’s using xml and annotations
Web Container
Servlet Life Cycle
Http Protocol
Http Request Format
Http Response Format
Coordinating servlets
Scope objects(Sharing data)
Servlet Filters
Filter basics
Creating a filter
Understanding the applications of filters
Servlet Listeners
Listener’s basics
Creating a listener & registering
Understanding the applications of listeners
Session Tracking
JSP (JavaServerPages)
JSP Elements
JSP Actions
Implicit objects
Expression Language (EL)
JSTL(JSP Standard Tag Libraray)
Core Tags
Formatting tags
SQL tags
XML tags
JSTL Function
Creating Custom JSP Tag Libraries: The Basic
Java-based tags
Components of a tag library
Basic tags
Tags that use body content
Tags that optionally use body content
JSP-based tags (tag files)
Components of a tag library
Basic tags
Tags that use attributes
Model1 and Model2(MVC) Architectures

Java Course Content

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