About HTML5 & CSS3 Training

About HTML5 & CSS3 Training Details

  • Chandra Sekhar Reddy
  • 2 Mins/Day
  • 60 Days

  • 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
  • Not Provided
  • Online / Classroom Training
  • Study material provided
  • Hard Copy Provided

About HTML5 & CSS3 Training Course Details

HTML5 is everywhere, and is a technology that can no longer be ignored or treated as a mere extension of HTML4. HTML5 is a vast umbrella term for modern Front End Engineering, namely JavaScript, Markup, DeviceAPIs, and Styles. Almost anything you see in App Stores can now be created with pure HTML5.

Although we will cover some of the most exciting features of HTML5 such as geo location, web sockets, local storage, Real Time Communications(Web Workers, Web Socket), File / Hardware Access(Native Drag & Drop, FileSystem APIs, Geolocation, Device Orientation and Speech Input), Semantics & Markup, Multimedia, Graphics (2D and 3D Effects) SVG and Canvas, the focus of the course will be to help people understand the core principles and best practices for creating websites and apps.

CSS3 is split up into “modules”. The old specification has been split into smaller pieces, and new ones are also added. Some of the most important CSS3 modules are Selectors, Box Model, Backgrounds and Borders, Text Effects, 2D/3D Transformations, Animations, Multiple Column Layout and User Interface

About HTML5 & CSS3 Training Course Content


  •     Make an Element Draggable
  •     What to Drag?Where to Drop?


  •     Locate the User’s Position+
  •     Handling Errors and Rejections
  •     The getCurrentPosition()
  •     Geolocation object


  •     color
  •     date
  •     datetime
  •     datetime-local
  •     email
  •     month
  •     number
  •     range
  •     search
  •     tel
  •     time
  •     url
  •     week


  •      Browser Support
  •     The localStorage Object
  •     The sessionStorage Object

  •  What is Application Cache?
  •   Cache Manifest Basics
  •   HTML5 Cache Manifest

Obsolete Elements/Deprecated Elements


 New Semantic/Structural Elements


  •     New Features and groups
  •     Backward Compatibility
  •     Why HTML5?
  •     Power of HTML5:
  •     m or mobi or touch domains
  •     Common Terms in HTML5

  • W3C and W3C Members
  •     Why WHATWG?
  •     What is Web?


  •     Parts in HTML Document
  •     Editors
  •     Basic
  •     Elements
  •     Attributes
  •     Headings
  •     Basics
  •     Paragraphs
  •     Formatting
  •     Links
  •     Head
  •     CSS
  •     Images
  •     Tables
  •     JavaScript
  •     HTML XHTML
  •     HTML4 Drawbacks

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