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MSBI Course Details

1. Micrsoft SQL Server

i. Microsoft SSIS Overview

What is DBMS and RDBMS

Types of Normalization

Data Models

Constraints in Sql Server

Relationships in Sql Sever


ii. Sql Statements






String Datatypes and Functions

Aggriagation Functions

Joins and SubQueries

Views In SqlServer

Indexes in SqlServer

Triggers In Sql Server

UserDefine Function

Stored Procedures

2.Micrsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration


i. Microsoft SSIS Overview

SSIS: SQL Server Integration


DTS & its Limitation

SSIS Overview


Flow Types



Typical Uses

ii. Getting familiar to Business Studio Development Environment

Launch Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).

Use Package Designer.

Use Toolbox.

Use Solution Explorer.

Use Properties Window.

Use Variable Window.

iii. Creating a Package

Using the SSIS Import and Export Wizard

Using the SSIS Designer

iv. Introduction to Control Flow

Control Flow Overview.

Precedence Constraints.

Execute SQL Task.

Bulk Insert Task.

File System Task.

FTP Task.

Send E-mail Task.

v. Introduction to Data Flow

Data Flow Overview

Data Sources

Data Destinations

Data Transformations

• The Copy Column Transformation

• The Derived Column Transformation

• The Data Conversion Transformation

• The Conditional Split Transformation

• The Aggregate Transformation

• The Merge Transformation

• The Merge Join Transformation

• The UnionAll Transformation

• The Look up Transformation

• The SCD Tranformation

• The Pivote and UnPivote Transformations

vi. Adding Looping, Using Breakpoints, Checkpoints and Transactions

Add Looping

Use Breakpoints

Use Checkpoints

Use Transactions

vii. Error Handling and Logging

Event Handlers.

Handling Errors in Data.

Configuring Package Logging.

Built-in log providers.

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? Job Oriented real time Training

? Project Guidance

? Resume & Interview Guidance

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Short Term Course : Available (30 Days )


3. Micrsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

i. Introduction


Reporting Services Scenarios

Reporting Services Features

Reporting Services Concepts


Life Cycle

ii. Reporting Services Tools

Reporting Services Configuration Tool

Report Manager

Report Server

Report Designer and Model Designer

iii. Reports

Creation of reports

Table and Matrix Reports

Filters in Reports

Drill Down Reports

Drill Through Reports

Adding Row and Coloumn Grouping

Adding Parameters

Cascading parameters

Chart Reports

iv. Publishing reports

v. Report Server Administration

Snap Shot Reports

Cache Reports


4. Micrsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

i. Introduction to Data Warehousing and Analysis Services 2008R2

DW Concepts


SQL Server Analysis services 2008R2(SSAS)

ii. First Look at Analysis Services 2008R2

Business Intelligence Studio(BIDS)

Creating a Project using BIDS

SQL Server Management Studio

iii. Introduction to MDX

MDX Fundamentals

MDX Expressions

MDX Operators

MDX Functions

Manipulating data with MDX

iv. Working with Data Sources and Data Source Views

Data Source

Data Source View

Working with DSV

Adding / Removing Table from a DSV

Create / Delete Relationship

Adding Named Queries

Multiple Data Sources within a DSV

v. Dimension Design

Dimension and Dimension Properties.

Dimension Creation using Dimension Wizard.

Creating a Time Dimension

Translations in Dimensions

Defining Linked Dimensions

Defining Write-Enabled Dimensions

vi. Cube Design

Unified Dimensional Model


Cube Creation

Cube Structure

Cube Dimensions

Dimension Relationship





? 100% Placement Assistance

? Real Time Overview

? Interview Tips

? FAQs

? Resume Preparation

? SDLC Overview

? Agile Project Methodology

? SQL Tuning Techniques

? Performance Tuning

MSBI Course Content

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