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10 Awesome reasons to join Defence forces

Defence Forces

“You have never lived until you have almost died, and for those who choose to fight, Life has a special flavor, the protected will never know”.

                                                                                (R Subramaniam, Kirti Chakra (Posth))


         The Indian defense force is renowned for its highly honored ethos i.e. sacrifice, honesty, discipline and valor. They  safeguard millions of civilians from terror threats, trespassers and internal insurgencies. India holds one of the world’s largest defense forces with the strength of over 14. 4 lakh active man force. Furthermore, India has the largest volunteer army that helped other nations in the times of emergency.

        These days youngsters show great passion and zealousness to join the Indian defense force. There are mainly three divisions of the defense forces: The Indian Army, The Indian Air force and The Indian Navy. The selection procedure to these elite forces start with qualifying different defense exams such as NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. Those who aim to crack the NDA exam can join a magnificent institute for the Best NDA coaching in Chandigarh

Here we have embellished 10 Awesome reasons that can induce you to join defense forces:

1.Defense forces - Unique lifestyle

      During the times of internal insurrections and any external upheaval, Indian defense forces are always there for rescue and protection. Thus, they need to keep themselves prepared to deal with rare and uncomfortable situations. This is a great learning experience for any individual in the defense forces. 

2. Symbol of pride - Uniform

        The most enchanting attribute of a soldier is their uniform. The grace of uniform, badges and medals add a sense of respect and pride in the individual. There are three defense forces each having its own different uniform. 

        Are you planning to join the Indian air force? If yes, prepare for the AFCAT exam. In case you need expert guidance then approach the most reliable institute for the Best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. 

3. Fortune of serving the nation

          It is easy to live for yourself and maintain a luxurious lifestyle but keeping one's life at stake for the security and protection of others is praiseworthy. The selfless serving of Indian Defense has earned them great honor and respect. The soldiers face many excruciating situations such as unstable climate, shortage of food and uncomfortable locations but the craze for serving motherland goes beyond every hardship. 

4. A secure job

         The Indian defense is monitored by the defense ministry of India. Hence, any recruitment in these forces is regarded as a government job. Selected candidates can enjoy job security, fat salary along with the best suitable amenities and allowances. A government employee is never shed from the job, no matter how many despoliation are faced by the Indian economy. 

           If you are aiming to join Indian Naval force then prepare for the CDS exam. In case you deal with any difficulty while preparing for the exam then join the most prestigious institute for the Best CDS coaching in Chandigarh.

 5. Attractive Opportunities

          The defense forces of India are known to polish the skills of a sportsman in the army. They avail of several opportunities to its soldiers where they can practice a specific sport game and grow in it. Furthermore, if you intend to attain higher education then Indian Defense forces provide you with the most illuminating institute for pursuing the best quality education.

 6. Facilities for Family

        The government of India does not only provide attractive allowances and amenities to the soldier and officers only but to their family as well. They are avail of accommodation and electricity facility, medical benefits, canteen (where products are sold to them at good discount) etc. 

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7. Leadership Quality

       There is no job opportunity other than defense forces where you can learn how to lead men in battleground and your one command is enough to let soldiers sacrifice their lives and kill the enemy. 

        If you want to practice leadership then prepare for the NDA exam and join the Indian Army. Moreover, if you feel the need of proper guidance then join the most astounding institute that caters the Best NDA coaching in Chandigarh. 

8. Post-retirement benefits

       As it is told you in the above point that Defense forces provide soldiers/officers with ample opportunities to groom their skills. Thus, they can use these skills and potential after retirement by doing private jobs in any industry. There are numerous leadership courses that are accepted by private organizations as they yearn to employ a person who knows proper utilization of resources

9. Perks and Amenities 

        Every government employee is served with attractive amenities and perquisites. They are given the best facilities such as their children get the opportunity to grab education from the best army schools. In these schools they are availed of fee concessions, high quality education along with captivating infrastructure etc. 

10. Opportunities for travelling

          Being an employee of the Indian defense forces you will get leave of 60 days which you can utilize in any way you want. Furthermore, you’ll be offered with Leave Travel Concession (LTC) which will handle your cost of travelling during the leave. 

          Anyone aiming to become a part of Indian Air Force should prepare for the AFCAT exam. In case they need proper conditioning for excellent preparation than they can approach a recognized institute for the Best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.   


The 10 awesome reasons to join Defense forces are elaborated in the above points. Those who have super avidity for joining armed forces then the aforementioned points can serve a great help. Interest Candidates should start preparing for the defence exams for getting selected in the desired force and fulfil the dream of serving their motherland. 

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