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AngularJS Developer Career & Salary in 2021

Angularjs Career & Salary

Table Of Contents:

1.History Of AngularJS

2.What Is AngularJS?

3.What Browsers does AngularJS Support?

4.What is the Best way to Learn AngularJS

5.Benefits Of AngularJs

6.Who is an Angular Developer?

7.Latest Version Of Angular and their Features

8.Skills required to become AngularJS developer

9.AngularJs developer salary in India

10.Positions as a AngularJs Developer


History Of AngularJS:

AngularJs was started developing as a side project in 2009 by Misko Hevery,Adam Arabons.These two originally designed GetAngular side project  as  a tool for both frontend and backend tool.

These two people started developing Googlefeedback project at that time with his team they had written around some 15000 lines of code But they thought that it would be very tough to test this 15000 lines code.He started working with his project then he cut 15000 lines of code to 1500 lines of code.

From here his manager and Misko Henry accelerated on working with AngularJs and began development with his team.

What Is AngularJS?

AngularJs is a Javascript framework for developing dynamic web applications. AngularJs is a open source framework maintained by Google And this is used for addressing the issues facing while developing frontend single page level applications.AngularJs is on long term support by google till december 31 2020.After that no upgradation in fixing issues and errors.

What Browsers Does AngularJS Support?

A team of angular developers says that this software supports all types of class A are some of the class A browsers that supports AngularJs





6.IE 8+

What is the best way to learn AngularJs?

There are many Online tutorials in the world. From there you can learn Angularjs online .And these online tutorials will help beginners to learn AngularJs very quickly.Not only online tutorials but also there are many offline institutes there you can learn angularjs.

Benefits Of AngularJs:

Here are some of the benefits provided by AngularJs

1.Easy to Learn

2Two way Binding feature:

3.Supports SPA features:

4.Supported by Google:

5.It is a Powerful Framework

1.Easy to Learn:

Students who have knowledge on Html,Css,Javascript can easily learn AngularJs in quicker way

2.Two way Binding feature:

AngularJs has two way binding feature this allows us our presentation layer to be appeared with respect to Dom in quick way

3.Supports SPA features:

When a developer wants to develop a single page application using Angularjs this makes that page load quickly and simple in a faster way.

4.Supported by Google:

This software will be used by google for developing their own applications.a team of experts comes with new features for upgrading this angularjs

5.It is a Powerful Framework:

Angularjs is a powerful framework developed by google now this framework has gained lot of popularity for developing dynamic web applications

Who is an Angular Developer?

As the name includes that Angular developer works completely on Angular technology.But Every Angularjs Developer has to know  some extensive technologies like Html,Css,Angular library etc these developers are responsible for developing frontend dynamic web applications.

Latest Version Of AngularJs and their features:

The latest version of AngularJs is 11.0.0 which was released in the year Nov11 2020.

Here are some of the AngularJs features:

1.Automatic Inlining of Fonts

2.Updated language and services

3.Faster Builds

4.HMR Support

5.Experimental webpack support 

Skills required to become AngularJs developer: 

1.core javascript


3.Restful API integration

4.Indepth knowledge of AngularJS

5.communication skills,team work skills

AngularJs developer salary In India:

The Major Factors Affecting Angularjs Developer Salary In India It Depends On Your Qualification,Salary,Experience are to be considered among the Most.

The average salary for Angularjs Developer  Differs by Location, Experience,Skills etc.

 The Average Basic Salary In Hyderabad Is 4,67,000 per annum This Amount can be Lowered as Rs. 3,50,000/year and reach a maximum of Rs. 50,00,000/year depending on different conditions Like Qualification ,Location, Experience, Salary.

 Positions For  a AngularJs Developer:

 1).Entry Level

The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Angularjs Developer   in India is Rs. 3,50,000 per annum

 2).Mid Level

The Average Basic Salary For Mid Level Angularjs Developer  in India is Rs. 9,0,000 per annum

 3).Senior Level

The Average Basic Salary For Senior Level Angularjs Developer  in India Is Rs.50,00,000/Yr


AngularJs is one of the best frameworks for developing front end dynamic web applications.According to Google,Linkedin sources the demand for AngularJS developers is growing Quite effectively. Individuals with the right skill sets, qualifications, and experience have many options to choose different companies.Top companies recruiting AngularJs developers are Google,Accenture,Capgemini etc.

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