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Aws Career & Salary in India in 2021


Table of contents:

1.History of Aws

2.What is Aws

3.About Aws

4.Services/products offered by Aws

5.Who is Aws developer

6.Skills required for Aws developer

7.Aws developer salary in india

8.positions as a Aws developer


History of Amazon Web Services:

In the year 2002 - Amazon Web Services were Started and After starting amazon web services in the year 2006 Amazon web services cloud were also started.After a long gap in the year 2012 Amazon web services had got its first customer event. In the year 2015 Aws has achieved its revenue at greater heights around         $ 4.6Billion Dollars  

After reaching $4.6 Billion dollars revenue aws has made target of $10 billion dollars In the year 2016 aws has surpassed its target and reached around $10.1 dollars By achieving this they launched aws snowball, snowmobile

In the year 2019 the amazon web services has released approximately 100+ cloud services.

What Is AWS ?

Amazon web services is an online platform that provides flexible  extendable,extensible,reliable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

Amazon web services is a extensive and easy way to use  this online cloud platform this platform is developed with combination of saas (software as a service) and paas (platform as a service),packaged software as a service


About AWS:

Amazon web services is a widely adopted cloud platform that offers many types of on demand operations like computer power,database storage,content delivery and many other on demand operations.

AWS offers many tools and solutions for enterprises , software developers and for software companies  and the provided tools and solutions can be used  in data centers in up to 180+ countries around the world. Aws Groups such as  private agencies ,organizations,government agencies, educational  institutions, nonprofits and private organizations can use AWS services.


Services/Products By AWS:

Amazon web services Offers a wide range of world cloud based services and products like databases datamanagement,analytics,compute,storage,developer tools,management tools,Iot tools,security and enterprise applications

Aws services helps private or government organizations,agencies to grow and move faster at lower web services were used and trusted by the world largest enterprises,organizations and the startup companies to provide  a global variety of workloads like web and mobile applications,game development,data processing,warehousing storage archive and many more.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides Expandable object storage for data backup, collection, analytics.  An IT software company requires storage to store their data and files as S3 objects.which can store upto 5GB of data and files .S3 buckets will keep data and file in well organized manner.

2.Databases,data management:

Amazon web services provides amazon relational database service it includes for databases like oracle postgresql,sql server,mysql server,and many other databases.mariadb and a high performance database called amazon aurora.

Who Is AWS Developer ?

Aws Developer is responsible for maintaining,setting up and developing,expanding,evolving the cloud based infrastructure of web applications.

Aws developers are predicted to understand the core aws services and he need to apply Some best practices regarding security and scalability.

 Skills Required For Aws Developer:

1. Knowledge on programming in different languages.

2. Knowledge on cloud computing.

3. Knowledge on Lambda.

4. Knowledge in Networking.

AWS Developer Salary in India:

People who are willing to become AWS architects or developers have a very bright future all over the world when it comes to their salaries.They are used to get high pays compared to web designers and others. If you want to get Job, gain more experience, and learn the tricks of the trade.

The factors affecting Aws developer  salary in india location,experience,skills,good knowledge etc.

According to payscale average salary for aws developers in hyderabad is 5,51000 per annum.

 Positions As a AWS Developer: 

1.Entry Level:

The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Aws Developer in India is Rs. 4,80,000 per annum


The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Aws Developer in India is Rs. 18,00,000 per annum


The Average Basic Salary For Senior Level Aws Developer in India Is Rs.30,00,000Per annum


Aws Developers have bright future ahead. Top companies like Amazon,Facebook,Google are preferring Aws developers and they are getting highly paid salaries globally .  




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