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CATIA Designer Career & Salary in 2021

Catia V5

Table Of Contents:

1.History Of CATIA

2.What is CATIA?

3.Where Can We Learn CATIA?

4.What Is CATIA 3D Experience?

5.Why Should we use CATIA?

6.Benefits Of CATIA

7.Which Industries Prefer in Using CATIA ?

8.Latest Version Of CATIA and their features

9. Responsibilities Of CATIA Designer

10. Skills Required to Become Catia Designer

11.Catia Designer salary In India

12. Positions For  a Catia Designer  Developer


History Of CATIA:

CATIA development was started in the year 1977 by Avions marcel Dassault he was a French Aircraft Manufacturer he used CAD/CAM software for3D software modelling.for developing mirage fighter jet.INitially he named CATI after that he changed to CATIA.

In 1992 Dassault systems purchased CAD/CAM from IBM.CATIA released its first version in the year 1981.dassualt systemes launched 3D platform Experience in 2014.CATIA became its version as cloud version.

What Is CATIA?

The word CATIA is termed as computer aided three dimensional interactive application.catia software is used for Computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing,computer aided engineering.this software was developed by French dassault systemes

Where Can We Learn CATIA?

There are many online CATIA Training institutes, and catia training course details can be obtained from online itself .There are many training institutes in india they provide best Catia training institutes.

What Is CATIA 3D Experience?

The purpose of Catia 3D experience is to connect with all organizations.The catia 3D experience provides some new features; they are web based PLM and to provide exceptional features to view models without downloading any additional applications.

Why Should we use CATIA?

These are some of the reasons  used in CATIA:

1.Its saves a lot of time in designing and manufacturing industries especially in Aerospace Industry.

2.It has a lot of tools and if the user has license in utilizing the tools, the user can do mechanical design,sheet metal design,surface design.

3.Catia has parametric abilities that user created designs can be modified easily and very Quickly

4.some 3D designs can be maintained with publications that are used to link models and build designs like 3d designs,sheet metal designs etc.

Benefits Of CATIA:

These are the Benefits Of Catia:

1.disciplined system

2.sketching and rendering technology

3. engineering insights

4. multi-platform development

5. market compliance collaboration

Which Industries Prefer in Using CATIA ?

CATIA is most preferably used in almost all engineering,automotive ,aerospace,shipbuilding,and other industries.Catia V4,V5, Solid works are mostly used in these industries.


In the Aerospace industry currently Boeing is using Catia V5 for the design of 787 series aircrafts.European,canadian aerospace industries designed almost all aircrafts using Catia V5 version.


Many Automotive industries like BMW,Maruthi,Ferrari,Hyundai etc Companies use Catia for designing their cars .These companies use Catia for developing bumper beams,roof rails,side walls etc.


In shipbuilding Industries preferably use Catia V5 Version for designing  Electric Boats ,Boats  and the latest fastest submarine was developed by the United States Navy .

Latest Version Of CATIA and their features:

The latest version of Catia is CATIA v5-6R2021 which was released in the year 2021.

Here are some of the Catia  features:

  • Social Design Environment.

  • Global Collaboration.

  • Instinctive 3D Experience.

  • Capture Manufacturing Process Intent.

  • Cross-Discipline Development.

  • Product Modeling.

 Responsibilities Of CATIA Designer:

1.Catia Designer is responsible for Designing,Modelling,assembling new products for catia designer

2.2D/3D annotations creating drawings

3.Creating layout for 2D/3D annotations for packaged materials

 Skills Required to Become Catia Designer:

1.Profeciency in CATIA V5 latest version.

2.Expertise in CAD/CAM.

3.knowledge in drawing standards,FEA concepts,3D modelling.

4.Experience in mechanical drafting ,design calculations.

5.Good problem solvings.

Catia Designer salary In India:

The Major Factors Affecting Catia Designer Salary In India It Depends On Your Qualification,Salary,Experience are to be considered among the Most.

The average salary for Catia Designer Differs by Location, Experience,Skills etc.

 The Average Basic Salary In Hyderabad Is 3,43,000 per annum This Amount can be Lowered as Rs. 2,50,000/year and reach a maximum of Rs. 40,00,000/year depending on different conditions Like Qualification ,Location, Experience, Salary.

 Positions For  a Catia Designer  Developer:

 1).Entry Level

The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Catia Designer   in India is Rs. 3,43,000 per annum

 2).Mid Level

The Average Basic Salary For Mid Level Catia Designer in India is Rs. 8,0,000 per annum

 3).Senior Level

The Average Basic Salary For Senior Level Catia Designer  in India Is Rs.40,00,000/Yr


Catia is one of the best software for designing ,developing, modelling products and  applications.According to Google,Linkedin sources the demand for Catia Designer  is growing Quite effectively. Individuals with the right skill sets, qualifications, and experience have many options to choose different companies.

Top companies recruiting Catia Designers are Cyient,Accenture etc.

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