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Hyperion Developer Career & Salary In 2021


Table Of Contents:

1.History Of Hyperion

2.What is Hyperion

3.Benefits Of Hyperion

4.Products Offered by Oracle Hyperion

5.Responsibilties Of Hyperion Developer

6.Skills required to become Hyperion developer

7.Hyperion developer salary in India

8.Top companies Salary for Hyperion Developer

9.Positions as a Hyperion Developer


History Of Hyperion:

Hyperion Solutions Inc Was Founded by the merger of Hyperion software (formerly IMRS )and Arbor Software in 1998.In 1999 Jeffrey Rodek was Positioned as chairman and CEO of the company Hyperion Solutions Inc.

In 2004 Hyperion solutions announced that Jeffrey Rodek will continue as Executive chairman and Godfrey Sullivan as President and CEO.

IN 2007 March 1st Oraclecorporation announced that it will acquire Hyperion Solutions Inc for $3billion dollars in cash.and oracle completed its transactions by April 18.Now Oracle is providing its support for most Hyperion products (v11.1.2.x) till now.

What Is Hyperion?

Hyperion enables businesses to integrate,manage the goals,strategies and their execution.Hyperion is Mostly used for the Financial analysis and reporting.Hyperion runs on a unified platform it provides its support for the improved business decision making and Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence uses technologies,applications and processes to examine its internal,organized data and best business practices.

What Makes Oracle Hyperion a Unique Technology? 

Oracle hyperion is always a unique technology because oracle has always achieved its top position by Introducing business applications to the markets.Oracle Hyperion is an extension to array that provides many benefits to make hyperion as a unique technology.

Benefits Of Hyperion:

There are various benefits offered by Hyperion but among them only some of them are described below:

1.This Oracle Hyperion product is accessible on the cloud.--Cloud Accessibility

2.Hyperion enables or addresses the issues on financial and accounting needs better than SAP. ---Addressing issues on financial and accounting

3.Oracle hyperion provides higher security for data management than SAP.--Providing Security

Products Offered by Oracle Hyperion:

Oracle Hyperion offers bundle of products and services mostly used products among them will be discussed here:


2.Hyperion Planning

3.Hyperion Financial Management

4.Financial Reporting

5.Web analysis


Essbase is termed as an extended spreadsheet database.Essbase is a multidimensional database management provides multidimensional database platform to build analytical applications .This essbase was introduced by Arbor software company before merging with Hyperion.

2.Hyperion Planning:

Hyperion planning is the product developed by Oracle Enterprise software.The aim of this product is to deliver planning,forecasting,budgeting that supports you to achieve and organize all business plannings and budget requirements according to company requirements.

3.Oracle Hyperion Financial Management:

This product is a web based product .The main aim of this product is to provide validation of many things like collection,management,and financial reporting of outcomes in GAAPs and IFRs with some provided standards.

4.Financial Reporting:

Financial reporting is classified into two :

1.Fianancial studio

2.Financial workspace

If you want to create and edit in financial management reports then you can use Financial reporting.

If you want to view and print these financial management reports then you can use workspace

5.Web Analysis:

Web Analysis is the product developed by Oracle corporation.This helps you to identify the trends in business .It aims to increase fast enabling business trends outcomes and this is very simple and easy to use.

Responsibilities of Hyperion developer:

1.Develop and integrate with business related applications based on requirements.

2.Providing assistance for troubleshooting,errors in applications

3.Defining and developing oracle enterprise financial management project tools implementations

4.Providing support to end users for all business related applications.

5.Collaborating with team members and using some project strategy in developing business applications.

Skills required to become Hyperion Developer:

1.Hyperion Planning

2.Hyperion Essbase

3.Financial management Tools


5.Communication skills

Hyperion Developer salary In India:

The Major Factors Affecting Hyperion developer Salary In India It depends On Your Qualification,Salary,Experience are to be considered among the Most.

The average salary for Hyperion developers  Differs by Location, Experience,Skills etc.

 The Average Basic Salary In Hyderabad Is 9,00,000 per annum This Amount can be Lowered as Rs. 5,00,000/year and reach a maximum of Rs. 50,00,000/year depending on different conditions Like Qualification ,Location, Experience, Salary.

 Top Companies Salary For Hyperion Developer:

1.Oracle(5 years Experience)     --1200000 per year

2.Genpact (3 years Experience) ---700000 per year

3.Accenture(5 years Experience) --900000 per year

4.Tech Mahindra(3 Years Experience)--600000 per year

5.IBM (3-6 years Experience) ---900000 per year

 Positions For  a  Hyperion Developer:

 1).Entry Level

The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Hyperion developer  in India is Rs. 5,00,000 per annum

 2).Mid Level

The Average Basic Salary For Mid Level Hyperion developer in India is Rs. 9,00,000 per annum

 3).Senior Level

The Average Basic Salary For Senior Level Hyperion developer in India Is Rs.50,00,000/Yr


Career in Hyperion technology definitely will take you to the next level in future.Hyperion is one of the growing technologies in India According to some sources in Google Hyperion developers will have very high demand in future.they will get Medium Level packages as of now.

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