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Indian students’ quest for medical studies in Georgia

Indian students’ quest for medical studies in Georgia

Are you aspiring to study MBBS abroad 2021? Well, as far as the quest is concerned, Indian students have a quest for study MBBS abroad, and there are many points to support the same.

1.Studying abroad is not that much expensive, especially Russia and China. Cost of living is much cheaper compared to Indian and maybe some European countries.

2.There is no capitation fees unlike in India, but only tuition fees. The cost of capitation fees makes the entire cost unnecessary bulgy thereby increasing the cost of the entire studies. 

3.After successful completion of the course, the medical students get chance for internship in these countries. On passing a qualifying exam, they will absorbed as doctors in respective countries. 

4.There would be no visa issue upon getting admission to these countries for completing these course. Language won’t be a great barrier and English is the main and official language here. 

5.Any student would like to interact with a cosmopolitan crowd. Imagine, you will come in touch with students from all over the world and adopt each other’s culture. 

6.The hostel provided for the medicine students have excellent facilities like 24/7 water, internet connection and state of the art décor. These facilities would boost the spirit of a student. 
These reasons sums up as there is more fascination to study MBBS abroad 2021.

7.The medicine course taught in Russia abides the MCI screening standards and that’s why the students perform excellent at graduation level. After the completion of the studies the doctors will have to appear a screening exam and then they would be eligible to treat patients. 

While admission is easier, there are some criteria that you need to fulfil while the universities allow grant you the same. 

Let’s know about the requirements for studying MBBS in Georgia for Indian students.

You should be at the age limit of seventeen years plus form the date you are taking admission.

You must complete 10+2 with science having Physics, Chemistry, and also Biology. English must be a mandatory subject while you are completing 10+2. The minimum marks secured in this case will be 50%. 

Unlike in India, there is no entrance test, but admission is purely based on the emphasis of marks. Apparently, this is quite convenient process, but its early bird’s offer. 

Health Related News

Since the last 20-25 years, there was a great demand for MBBS in Georgia for Indian students. There is a great fascination for the Indian students to be established as a doctor; one of the most respected professions in India. Students who love studying Biology, Physiology aspire to be a doctor in future. There is a huge percentage of students falling in this category. Hence, it’s a great opportunity for the foreign Universities to market their course and pull Indian students. India being a highly populous country would welcome a doctor who wants to start his career. Similarly, Russia has a great demand for good doctors. Medical studies in Georgia and other parts of Europe have been quite successful in pulling Indian students and making them successful as doctors. 

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