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Insights of the Digital Marketing Training :


Introduction to Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is described in words as the process of using the digital tactics and key skills to market a product or services of a brand and probably make a sale of the product or service on the digital media and devices like phones, desktop and other means of virtual media. This is also known as Internet Marketing and Digital advertising. Digital marketing is the technology extension in this Era and is highly gaining demand in the near future.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is an important module of the Digital marketing course and is the key skill required to be a professional. As the word says, it is the process of optimizing the search results to improve the visibility of the website or a webpage to the end-users of the site. SEO analyzes the search engine and target various search results by using the tactics and optimize the visibility of the web page when a user searches for the product or services by giving relevant keywords on the search engine.


Social Media Optimization (SMO):

SMO is the in-demand skill to create public awareness and gain more traffic to the brand and Business. Social Media Marketing is a bit similar to SEO but here the goal is to improve the website content in such a way that creates engagement with the end-users on the social media and the links of the products, services, webpages are shared on social media. Social media engagement makes users use the website for a long time and share on social media like bookmarking sites, RSS feeds and social news including social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even Instagram is gaining popularity as the media for brand promotions. In simple, it includes the process of optimizing your website and creates public awareness to proceed for SMO. SEO mainly depends on the digital marketing strategy.


Social Media Marketing (SMM):

SMM is another important form of Digital Marketing and uses social media sites as a powerful tool for marketing to promote products, websites and services. The benefit of SMM is that a brand gets huge exposure on social media sites as the users share the websites on other social network channels. Spark Infosys is providing the best SMM services and stands as the best social media marketing agency


Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing, in which the key people are the influencers or the people who have huge follower activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other media platforms. Influencers will play the role of a testimonial using the product or service and promote them for their social audience for which they get paid for the promotions. This is the most commonly used method of digital marketing these days to add value to the brand and create awareness.


Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is gaining a huge demand for professional social networking sites like Linkedin. Content marketing in simple words is the process of promoting the related website content or blog or articles on social media platforms to gain publicity and increase page rankings.


Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is a Business tactic using from years to send email messages to specifically to the end-users or the broadcast messages to promote deals or request signups and related activities to maintain and enhance the relationship of the Brand and engagement with the current and previous customers. Basically, it is a process to promote the brand with fewer means of expenditure.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the leading career option for people who are willing to work as a freelancer and become a blogger. Generally, in this type of digital marketing, the authorized website owner or product owner pays the affiliate website or the third-party external websites for the referral sales and traffic they get from the external websites. The external website authority is referred to as an Affiliate Marketer.


Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the process of collecting and reporting the data of the website. It shows the report of analysis of the numbers of users visiting the website from different countries and the number of page views. Web analytics helps to optimize and assess website usage and performance. It is very useful to estimate the traffic changes to the website after launching the new ad campaigns for promotions.


Google my Business:

Google My Business (GMB) is a virtual service which is provided and operated by Google to help the business owners to control the content of their business shown on the search results when end-user searches for the respective Business. For this process, the Business authority has to create a new profile on google or can proceed from the existing profile. Google provides this option to edit and upload the information as such a phone number, address, call to action buttons and upload photos in the ‘google maps’ section of Google. Businesses can also respond to the reviews they receive on google. This is the best option for Businesses to have control over what shows up on the search engine.


Google Ads :

Google Adwords is a modern way of advertising. In general, it takes a bit time for your website to rank top on SERP so if one wants to get instant results, then google ads option is the best way. There are many types of google ads such as Display, Search, Shopping, Mobile App etc


Youtube Promotion:

Youtube promotion or Youtube marketing is an important form of Digital advertising and it uses youtube as a tool to target potential customers for the relative search results and displaying ads and links to the end-users. Youtube ads are called true view ads with links to the related videos of the youtube channel and so, you can pay only for the clicks received as the PPC ads.



Benefits of Digital Marketing Training :

You will be the certified Digital Marketing professional as the jobs are booming up You can start your own Business Most fascinating salaries Wonderful chance to become the in-demand professional in Digital Marketing You always learn something new and can implement your creativity in the work structure. Wide range of career choice flexibility in work you can kick start your career as a freelancer you can work with different clients and gain experience of the Business.


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