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Manage All Your Consultants ‘AT ONE PLACE’ – ON A SINGLE SCREEN

      Accounting Software for IT staffing companies is a great medium to help them improve consultant management, financial accountancy, creates value in operational performance which altogether maximizes business growth.

      Nimble Staffing’s single screen access allows you to add your consultants and place ‘em on new project, just within few clicks. You can drill down to individual consultant’s profiles, view active & inactive status, access timesheet entries, raise invoices or bills to vendors, everything within a few clicks.

      Even if you’re on the move, you have the flexibility to view complete history of consultants, transactions and profitability reports along with outstanding payments to be done.


  • Create Consultant (W2. C2C, 1099) profile & place in new project

  • Set the Timesheet & Invoice Frequency giving Start/End dates

  • That’s all, the consultant profile will be created successfully

  • Invoices to be Raised’ will be shown automatically based on entry

  • Process Timesheets, Raise Invoices and Payroll to your vendors

With Nimble’s best accounting software for staffing companies, you’ll experience how easily you can manage all consultants at one place, while easily accessing shortcuts to time sheet entry, raise invoices and process payroll or bills to vendors.

Keep track of your consultants and employees information, view Profitability & Transactions, complete history of consultants, transactions and profitability reports along with outstanding payments to be done.

Now everything about your consultant on a Single Screen, both active and inactive and can drill down to individual profiles.

On the other hand, Nimble Staffing alerts you on the renewal of I-94 & I-140, H1B Visa Expiry, while enabling your accounting staff to view & match monthly as well as yearly reports between LCA / YTD and LCA / GC. So, the concern team can plan ahead well in advance on the continuing H1B Renewal process to avoid any surprising compliance issues.

Every IT staffing firm may sometime encounter challenges when it comes to managing consultants. As an owner of small scale, mid-range or big sized firm, it becomes an intimidating task for you to track consultants’ time sheets. For which, you can’t force the consultant to get the entries done by following him/her on telephone.

But, Nimble lets you automate the timesheet process, so you can easily overcome the complex situations. With a great convenience, you can send reminders directly to your consultants and follow them up with short email containing timesheet links, so they don’t feel offended in notifying timesheet submissions.

Renowned to be America's leading staffing accounting software Nimble increases you workflow productivity, while letting you decrease manual intervention.


Why 300+ Clients Count On Nimble?

Because, it has been exceeding the expectations of IT staffing business owners, and accountants in simplifying the following activities.


  • Timesheet & Invoice Automation

  • Consultant Centre

  • Sales Commission Calculation

  • Profitability Analysis & Forecast

  • Integration with Banks & Payroll

  • AR Follow Up & Payroll Preview

  • Financial & Staffing Reports

Relying on traditional accounting system will never remove the blockades, rather it pushes you into it.

Besides, did you know you commission calculations are equally important? Yes, you read it right, it’s an imperative thing for any IT staffing business owner to measure the sales team performance, and performing commission calculations. If not done properly, it will result in revenue leakage. Nimble Staffing helps you with it as well!

Secondly relying on paper invoicing will not only eat so much of time and money of yours, but instead it becomes an impossible task to compile when your business grows.

Nimble Staffing as an effective accounting software for IT staffing businesses, it lets you get rid of it so you’ll never chase last minute invoices.

If you’re still using excel to calculate your sales commissions, managing consultants, or preparing financial statement – It’s the time to make a move!

Switching to Nimble Staffing like software which will let you arrest the revenue leakage, while handling all activities at one place.

Quick Books is generalized software for accounting or bookkeeping, but if you need an authentic accounting software for IT staffing businesses, then Nimble Staffing is the best tailored solution.

You’ll experience 5X improvement in your productivity, insightful KPI dashboard lets you make better business decisions.

Dedicated Features Exclusive for Staffing Owners

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