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Microsoft Surface Laptop experience: the advantages and disadvantages coexist and the value is great

Microsoft Surface Laptop experience: the advantages and disadvantages coexist and the value is great

Microsoft Surface Laptop experience: the advantages and disadvantages coexist and the value is great

In general, as a notebook product, the Surface Laptop has a stunning appearance. The material of the C surface also makes it highly recognizable. It has enough performance to meet the daily use of users. The display effect and touch screen accuracy of the Surface Book can also improve user productivity. Although the slots of No Raiden 3 interface, maintenance difficulties, and poor preset system experience are also prominent, it is these slots that make it its personality. If you can tolerate these, then Surface Laptop should be what you need Notebook.
Microsoft held a global press conference in Shanghai. This can be said to be the first global press conference held by Microsoft in China. At the press conference, Microsoft officially announced the Surface Studio, Surface Laptop and the new Surface Pro brought to the Chinese market. As one of Microsoft's important businesses, Surface products have now become a quarterly contribution of 1 billion US dollars-level business, and this global press conference in China also represents Microsoft's emphasis on the Chinese market.
Returning to the product, Microsoft's Surface Laptop, which was recently released in the US, also officially landed in the Chinese market. Different from the Surface Pro series, the Surface Laptop is a traditional notebook. It can also be said to be the first regular notebook computer launched by Microsoft. The machine has an all-metal body, weighs only 1.25 kg, and has a thickness of 14.5 mm. The machine is available in four colors: silver, purple, cobalt blue, and graphite gold. The most important thing is that this Surface Laptop is pre-installed with the Windows 10 S system. This system is mainly aimed at teachers and students and focuses on safety. Many users may not know this system very well. So today we not only understand the product itself, but also I will take everyone to experience this brand new system.

Why did Microsoft launch the Surface Laptop

"First-tier manufacturers set specifications, second-tier manufacturers make brands" is a business law. Although there are Surface Pro and Surface Book product lines, both of them use the two-in-one design language of tablet notebooks, even after a period of development The market has a certain degree of tolerance for such products, but compared to traditional notebooks, the two-in-one market is still too small, far from reaching the market share of traditional notebooks. Microsoft eagerly hopes that traditional notebooks can also use touch , At the same time, you can better implement your own system and let the Win10+ touch screen take root in the hearts of the people, so the Surface Laptop came into being.

Simple design and good screen display

This Microsoft Surface Laptop uses a simple design, aluminum alloy material, and provides four color options, including bright platinum, dark burgundy, gray cobalt blue and graphite gold. The Surface Laptop Bright Platinum will be the first to land in the Chinese market, and other colors will be launched Buy Microsoft laptop and Don’t Miss Argos discount code 

The thin and light thickness of the Surface Laptop is worth mentioning. The thickest part of the device is 14.47 mm and the thinnest part is only 9.93 mm. In contrast, the thickness of the Macbook Pro, which is 18% thinner than the previous generation, is only It has achieved 14.9mm. XPS 13, which has always been known as the face value responsible, has a thickness of 15mm at the thickest part.
In terms of weight, the Surface Laptop weighs only 1.25 kg. In contrast, the Macbook Pro weighs 2.04 kg. A simple data comparison makes the positioning of the Surface Laptop more clear, and its competitiveness in terms of portability is also about to emerge.
On the front side, Microsoft Surface Laptop uses a 13.5-inch PixelSense Corning Gorilla 3rd generation display, with a resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels, and a PPI of 201, although compared to the 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution of the Surface Book , The pixel value has dropped slightly, but the overall performance is still very satisfactory. The aspect ratio is 3:2 and the feature of supporting 10-point touch also allows this screen to bring users a better visual experience.

It’s worth mentioning that the Surface Laptop’s PixelSense display is optimized for touch and writing functions. It can cover 100% RGB color space and perform color customization calibration. The slim bezel around the display can also provide users with a wider Creative space, in addition, the Surface Laptop uses the thinnest LCD touch module with the smallest parallax among all laptops. In actual experience, there is no obvious difference between the display effect of Surface Laptop and Surface Book. Compared with the conventional FHD display notebook, it is much better. It seems that Microsoft is using this method to tell you that although Surface Laptop does not have a high-end Surface Book positioning, But users can get the same visual experience. Get Bargain Fox discount code  at Brand Discount    

In terms of details, the top of the product screen is also fully equipped, the camera supports Windows Hello, and several components are set very concealed. The 720P front camera and components are equipped with dual array microphones on the left and right sides, and the middle also contains an infrared sensor and a light distance sensor. The only thing that is clearly visible is the camera, which shows that Microsoft has worked hard on details.

If thin and light is the first sense that Surface Laptop brings to everyone, then when you turn on the screen, the unique design of the C-side is the two biggest points of this notebook. The special keyboard is made of Alcantara material, with a large enough touchpad and size. It has reached 105mm x 70mm, supplemented by glass material, which can fully guarantee the wear resistance of the product.

The C side is made of Alcantara and the buttons feel good

When it comes to Alcantara material, it may be difficult for everyone to have an intuitive feeling. In fact, many high-end sports car seats use this material, which is rough to the touch with some finesse, because the oleophobic layer is added, it will feel similar to the touch The feel of wax, but not greasy hands, has a good hydrophobic effect, and is easy to clean, and a certain thickness will make the entire C-side palm contact area appear very soft, so when the user uses it, the soft material can be Bring good feedback to users, and there will be no feeling of ice hands in winter.
In terms of keyboard feedback, the Surface Laptop’s keyboard has a 1.5mm keystroke. This performance should be said to be quite good in a notebook. The feedback strength is also just right. It will not be too heavy or light, and will not be tired after long typing. , And the matte keyboard can also greatly reduce the wear and tear of the keyboard.

It is worth mentioning that although Surface Laptop supports Dolby preimum audio, it does not have any speaker outlet holes. Instead, it chooses to cleverly place the speaker below the keyboard keys, and transmit sound through the gap between the keys and the keyboard panel. . While saving the layout, it also gives people a sense of black technology. According to the actual audition, the performance of the Surface Laptop is still very satisfactory. Even if the song is played at the loudest sound, there will be no sound breakage.
In terms of interfaces, the Surface Laptop has a USB 3.0 interface and a miniDP interface on the left side of the fuselage, as well as a 3.5mm headphone/microphone combo interface.
The right side of the fuselage is relatively simple, with only one Surface Connect magnetic charging interface set, and a small plastic antenna strap is embedded on the left and right sides, which will not affect the appearance of the whole machine.

In fact, the interface of the Surface Laptop is a big slot. The lack of interfaces and the lack of Thunderbolt 3 and Type-C interfaces have caused the dissatisfaction of many Microsoft fans. Although the Surface Connect interface can be connected to a docking station, any device can be upgraded through the docking station. Expansion performance, in contrast, Surface Laptop does not have obvious advantages.
The back of the fuselage is very simple. The cumbersome part is only a row of heat dissipation holes at the top. At the same time, because of the requirements for volume and weight, the Surface Laptop adopts a screwless and bayonet design, and all electronic components are soldered to the motherboard. On the above, it is difficult for users to disassemble the phone without damaging the shell, so when there is a problem with the Surface Laptop, it can only be replaced by the whole after-sales service. Perhaps, this is also a manifestation of Microsoft's compulsion.

The domestic top configuration i5+8GB configuration combination is enough for daily us

After talking about the appearance, let’s talk about the configuration. The Surface Laptop we got this time is equipped with a seventh-generation Core i5-7200U processor, 8GB DDR3 running memory and a 256GB SSD hard drive. This configuration is currently domestically available. For the highest version purchased, there are i7-7560U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 1TB SSD for users to choose from in other regions, but personally, the highest configuration currently available in China is enough for users to use.

Since the product is pre-installed with Windows 10 S system, exe program expansion is not possible, so the editor just found a very popular game "Minecraft" in the Microsoft store, and experienced this laptop, this game The ability to evaluate the processor is still very strong, especially in the case of too many elements, the general ultrabook may be stuck and dropped frames, but in the actual experience, the overall performance of the Surface Laptop is still commendable. Shop now using NHS Amazon promo code at NHS Discount Code    
Even if there are too many elements in the screen, there will be no lag. The overall performance is believed to be sufficient to cope with any MOBA games in Windows 10 Professional with a higher picture quality. However, after the game is turned on, the notebook’s heat dissipation The wind temperature of the air outlet has risen significantly, and students who like to put the notebook on their laps may be more uncomfortable. This is obviously not a notebook suitable for playing games on the lap, or it is not suitable for playing games Notebook, even with the blessing of HD620, education and office are still destined to be its most important uses, and it should be handled handily.
In the 4K video test session, it can be seen that the Surface Laptop supports 4K lossless video very well. Dragging the progress bar will not cause freezing, the response speed is relatively smooth, and the overall performance is satisfactory.

Pre-installed Windows 10 S system is safer but too restrictive

This year, Microsoft officially released the "Win10 Lite" operating system-Windows 10 S at the Learn what's next theme conference. This system has the characteristics of fast booting, low price, better compatibility, and lower hardware requirements. It is mainly aimed at the education market. , Developed for student users.
In fact, Microsoft has been creating a streamlined and extremely fast Win10 operating system, Windows 10 Cloud, officially named Windows 10 S at the press conference, and this time Microsoft Surface Laptop is pre-installed with this system.
Windows 10 S has the characteristics of fast running speed, strong compatibility, and high security. Microsoft has streamlined Windows 10 and removed some pre-installed programs. It can be called a clean and tidy version of Windows 10 S. The streamlined Windows 10 S brings an increase in speed. In terms of startup speed, Windows 10 S can complete the startup and complete login within 15 seconds.
Windows 10 S is also better in terms of battery life. Surface Laptop is equipped with a 42.5Whr battery. The official claims that the battery can last up to 14.5 hours. In the actual test, 4K video is played for 2 hours, and the battery power is only reduced by 17%, so it is used at normal intensity. Next, this notebook should also be able to maintain a battery life of about 10 hours. It can be said that Windows 10 S is still indispensable. Even if it is upgraded to the professional version of Win10, I believe it can at least guarantee a battery life of 8 hours. Save money with Ao discount code and ebay discount code
At the same time, the Windows 10 S operating system can support all the hardware supported by Windows 10, and the hardware requirements are lower, so that it can run more smoothly in low-configuration devices. In addition, Windows 10 S adopts closed management, which can restrict users. The system can only install and use application store applications, and does not support the installation of external programs. When the user downloads and installs some non-app store applications on the network, then Windows 10 S will pop up a notification to guide the user to install and use in the application store.
However, because the current application reserve in the Microsoft Store is not very rich, although the main education, the main education office software is still lacking, and it is not destined to be a very worthy system in a short time. Fortunately, Microsoft itself does not limit the Surface Laptop. System upgrade. Before January 1, 2018, all Laptop users can upgrade the system to Windows 10 Pro in the Windows Store for free. If the time limit is exceeded, users who want to upgrade will need to pay $50 to operate. There is no need to download the mirror image during the entire upgrade process, only a simple network verification is required, and the system will directly restart and then switch to the Windows 10 Pro system.
It is worth mentioning that the upgrade operation is irreversible. In other words, if you choose to upgrade, you will not be able to return to the Windows 10 S system. Which one is better? This is a problem!
In general, as a notebook product, the Surface Laptop has a stunning appearance. The material of the C surface also makes it highly recognizable. It has enough performance to meet the daily use of users. The display effect and touch screen accuracy of the Surface Book can also improve user productivity.
Although the slots of No Raiden 3 interface, maintenance difficulties, and poor default system experience are also prominent, it is these slots that make it its personality. If you can tolerate these, then the Surface Laptop should be what you need. Notebook.

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