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The Emerging Benefits of Social Media Applications

        Social Media, as we know, has always been in the limelight since the very time it was introduced in the world. These applications helped people gain limelight and became a source of income for money. However these are the things that will be discussed later in this article. The time Social Media was first introduced in the society, it has witnessed various changes and modifications, as a result, it has transformed drastically.

       While social media platforms were created merely so that people could connect, it is now fulfilling thousand other purposes. Social Media Applications like LinkedIn, Twitter, Connected India, Facebook, etc. have given a new dimension to people who have always shown their creative side to the world. Since, Social Media is not just subjective to mobile phones, they can also be operated on computers. 

      However, it has been observed that people are more connected to their mobile phones rather than their computers. That is the reason social media applications have made a significant place in the heart of their users. In this article, we will be discussing the emerging benefits of social media applications, particularly in the pandemic era and how it is helping people these days. 

Emerging Benefits of Social Media Application :

Source of knowledge:

       Social Media applications are the perfect source of knowledge. Particular during this pandemic era, these applications have made it easy for the students to get knowledge on any subject they desire. Whether it is social science, mathematics, etc., social media applications have become a source of knowledge that helps students to prepare for their upcoming exams. You would come across different tutors and school teachers who have their personal accounts in various Social media platforms. 

     This gives students a golden opportunity to clear their doubts anytime they want to. All they have to do is text their doubts or send an image. Once a teacher is free, he or she can easily reply with the solutions in the same message thread. 

Social Work :

     The condition of India in this pandemic era is not hidden. Many countries are supporting India in this crucial time. However, Social Media applications have also played a major role in helping people in need. At this time, when oxygen cylinders, etc., are not easily available to the victims, social media is helping them. A patient just has to write and post his or her query in any social media platform. NGOs and other social organizations are helping all these people in need. 

    These organizations are providing free medicines, food, waters, and all such resources that might be required by a patient. All this is possible because of the Social Media applications. 

Awareness :

      Again, as we discuss further about this pandemic era, you will find thousands of people living in a constant fear. Some of them are even dying because of depression and mental stress. However, Social Media applications are helping these people to overcome their stress by creating awareness. Many doctors have now joined various social media platforms and have created separate groups. 

     Through these groups, doctors are spreading awareness in the form of text, images, and videos. It not just keeps people motivated but also allows them to remain morally strong. Most importantly, these doctors are always ready to provide to any kind of support to the people in need. 

Connecting Link :

     This pandemic has forced people to stay at their homes in complete isolation. It has become difficult for those people who have always loved to socialize with each other. However, with the help of social media applications, people have got a platform to communicate with their near and dear ones either in the form of messages, voice calls, and video calls. 

Conclusion :

     These are some of the emerging benefits of social media applications. Especially in this pandemic era, these applications have become one of the best resources for the people to remove stress from their minds and feel positive and mentally strong. 


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