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BlockChain Course Training
Sathya Technologies

Course Info

Course Description:

Invented for managing the digital currency, BITCOIN!, BlockChain technology allowed digital information to be distributed but not copied. This innovative data management technology today is the backbone of new age internet technology. Every passing day the tech community is coming up with new and innovative way of using the advantages of the BlockChain technology.

As distributed database BlockChain holds information as a shared and continually reconciled database. The BlockChain database is not stored in any single system making the information are truly public and easily verifiable.

Our training on BlockChain technology offer in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of BlockChain and practical usage of the technology. The training starts with introduction to the importance of consensus in transactions, how transactions are stored in BlockChain, invention of BlockChain and creptocurrency and BITCOINS. Proceeding further the training focuses on Ethereum platform and the supporting programming language. Setting up private BlockChain using Ethereum will be the focus of the practical training with contracts on Private Ethereum BlockChain on the web and console mode. Hyperledger and Multichain and its usage will proceed and other key concepts of BlockChain will drive the remaining part of the training program.

Objective of the course :

  • Master the key BlockChain technology concepts.
  • Learn designing and deployment of private BlockChain and monitoring.
  • Working with Multichain and private BlockChain
  • Working with Ethereum BlockChain
  • Using BlockChain transactions and miner validations
  • Installing Hyperledger composers
  • Understanding application of Market Friction

BlockChain Course Syllabus

BlockChain Fundamentals

  • Tracing Blockchain’s origin
  • The shortcomings of current transaction syatems
  • The emergence of bitcoin
  • The birth of blockchain
  • Revolutionizing the Traditional Business Network
  • Exploring a blockchain application
  • Recognizing the key business benifits
  • Building trust with blockchain

How BlockChain Works

  • Why its called Blockchain
  • What makes a Blockchain suitable for business?
  • Shared ledger
  • Permissions
  • Consensus
  • Smart contracts
  • Identifying participants and their roles

Propelling Business With BlockChain

  • Recognising types of Market Friction
  • Information Frictions
  • Interaction Frictions
  • Innovation Frictions
  • Moving closer to Friction – Free Business Networks
  • Reducing information friction
  • Easing interaction friction
  • Easing innovation friction
  • Transforming Ecosystems through increased visibility

BlockChain In Action- Use Cases

  • Financial services
  • Commercial financing
  • Trade fince
  • Cross – border transaction
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Supply chain management
  • Health care
  • Electronic medical reports
  • Health care payments pre authorization
  • The Internet of Things (IOT)

Hyper Ledger,A Linux Foundation Project

  • Hyperledger vision
  • Hyperledger fabric

Steps To First BlockChain Application

  • Deciding whether Blockchain has a place in your industry
  • Identifying speed bumps in business processes
  • Determining how blockchain can help
  • Choosing a appropriate use case
  • Determining the goal of your blockchain network
  • Identifying dependencies
  • Choosing a blockchain provider and platform
  • Developing and developing chain code
  • Testing and Fine-Tuning your application and network
  • Joining the hyperledger rocket chat channel

Topics covered:

Blockchain, Ethereum Development

Institute Info

Faculty : ------
Duration : 40 Days
Course Fee : ------
Training Type : Online

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