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Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which creates algorithms on top of which computers learn how to execute the tasks from the data avoiding the programmatic approach of writing code for these tasks.

At this point we know that Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence, as these two words buzzing these days there is a perception that they are same. But, there is a difference, AI is used by machines to implement tasks which we consider as ‘smart’ where as ML is an application of AI where machines are given access to data to learn themselves.

AI has been coined back in 90’s but it has been rapidly came into existence when companies are witnessing huge data generated by the consumers across the industries and it was difficult task for them to process the huge data and take a decision on that data.

After being aware of this scenario engineers thought that it would be feasible for writing code to make machine learn and think like human being and giving access to information present on the web than teaching them everything.

Topics covered:

Machine Learning

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Faculty : ------
Duration : 60 Days
Course Fee : ------
Training Type : Online
Batch Type : Weekend

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