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AngularJS Course Contents What is AngularJS ?

Why Learn AngularJS ?

Why Angular JS ?

AngularJS Syllabus Section

1: Introduction

Ø What is AngularJS ?

Ø Why should we use AngularJS?

Ø History of AngularJS ?

Ø Features and benefits of AngularJS.

Ø Concepts of MVC Architecture.

Ø Difference between AngularJS and Jquery.

Ø Introduction To Client Side Scripting Languages

Ø Basics of Javascript and jQuery

Section 2: Structure of Angularjs

Ø Overview of Library Files.

Ø Configuring the Library Files.

Ø Bootstrapping the Web Apps by using ng-app.

Ø Extending HTML DOM with additional attributes.

Ø Creating Controllers.

Ø Properties, Methods

Ø Binding controllers with views

Ø Controller hierarchy

Ø Sharing data between controllers Section

Section 3: Main Blocks of Angularjs

Ø Understanding $scope.

Ø Attaching $scope with Controller.

Ø Exploring Controller properties and methods.

Ø Overview of Directives.

Ø Overview of Services.

Ø Overview of the Following Directives.

Ø Routing

Ø Factory.

Ø Services.

Ø Providers.

Ø Constants and Values

Ø Creating Custom Directives, Filters, Services, Providers and Factories.

Ø Multiple Inheritances

Section4: Data Binding Ø Binding Model Objects

Ø Model Objects Visibility

Ø $Scope

Ø $rootScope

Ø Difference between $scope & $rootScope

Ø Using $emit & $broadcast

Ø JSON advantages

Ø Using JSON in Angularjs

Ø Use of $watch, $digest & $apply

Section 5: Construction an Interactive User Interface

Ø Understanding One way and Two way Data Binding.

Ø Attaching Directives to the HTML.

Ø Implementing AngularJs expressions in HTML.

Ø Repeat the data using ng-repeat.

Ø Overview of Filters. Ø Applying Filters in results.

Section 6: Integrating Forms With Angularjs

Ø Attaching forms and their elements with Controller.

Ø Binding Form Elements to the Controller.

Ø Understanding List of AngularJS form Expressions.

Ø Exploring different types of Form Validations.

Ø Styling with Angular CSS classes.

Section 7: Directives

Ø Power of directives

Ø Working with built in directives

Ø ng-app, ng-init

Ø ng-model, ng-repeat

Ø ng-class, ng-template

Ø ng-include

Ø Working with custom directives

Section 8: Dependency Injection

Ø Overview of Dependency Injection.

Ø Dependency Annotation.

Ø Overview of Module.

Ø What is Dependency Injection?

Ø Implicit Dependency Injection

Ø Inline Array Annotated DI

Ø $inject Array Annotated DI

Section 9: Routing

Ø Dividing templates into multiple views.

Ø Implementing Route Provider.

Ø Attaching ng-view in templates.

Ø Mapping URLs to the templates.

Section 10: Filters and Events

Ø Adding Filters to Expressions

Ø Adding Filters to Directives

Ø Working with built in filters

Ø Creating custom filters

Ø ng-click

Ø Hiding HTML Elements

Ø ng-disabled

Ø ng-show, ng-hide

Section 11: $HTTP Communication Service And JSON

Ø Exploring CURD operations with $http service.

Ø List of $http methods.

Ø Sending/Receiving JSON data to/from the Web Service.

Ø Converting JSON data into JavaScript Objects.

Ø AngularJS XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)

Ø AngularJS $http

Ø Controllers Pollute the Global Namespace

Ø AngularJS Application Files

Section 12: Single Page Applications

Ø What is SPA?

Ø How to work with SPA in angular

Ø Working with routes

Ø Static & dynamic routing

Section 13: REST API Calls

Ø Overview of REST API

Ø Benefit of REST API

Ø Use of angular resource module



Ø JSON Properties and Methods

Ø angular.copy

Ø angular.equals

Ø angular.fromJson

Ø angular.toJson and more

Topics covered:

Angular JS

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Faculty : ------
Duration : 45 Days
Course Fee : ------
Training Type : Classroom

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