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Data Science Career Transition Program Training
Data Science Authority

Course Info

Course Description:

Data Science Authority presents India’s first Experiential Training program in the field of Data science. It is created and executed by national award winning Mentor Team with more than 10 years of working experience in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Participants will get a chance to learn Data Science through Games, Activities, Case-Studies, Mini-Projects etc. Program enables aspirants to get Industry-Ready and transition in to data science related roles in short period of time.


At Data Science Authority, We treat Data Science as a three lens field:


  • Lens-1: Mathematics/Statistics

  • Lens-2: Tools and Technology

  • Lens-3: Domain/Business 


Hence we follow a 3-step approach for every module to train the participants through all three lenses. This will help our audience not only understand the concepts but implement them immediately by solving various business case-studies.  This unique experiential training methodology makes our program the most effective data science and artificial intelligence training program in Hyderabad.



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Step-1: Conceptual Training

Instructors build Mathematical and Business Intuition for the participants through theoretical/conceptual sessions

Step-2: Hands-on Sessions

Work with cutting edge Data Science Tools and Technologies in a classroom setup led by your instructor! Participants will also get the chance to do hands-on with the help of our in-house data science team.

Step-3: Business Experiences

Participants will get the chance to solve real world Business Problems based on the concepts learned in Step 1 and step 2 for every module. These experiences are business case-studies from various domains.

Topics covered:

Data Science

Institute Info

Faculty : pradeep
Duration : 30 Sessions
Course Fee : 40,000
Training Type : Online, Classroom
Batch Type : Regular, Weekend, Fastrack

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