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Course Description:

Microsoft Azure

1.      Introduction to Cloud and Virtualization

·         Introduction and Course objectives

·         What is Datacenter

·         What is virtualization

·         How virtualization works and its benefits

·         Different types in virtualization

·         What is Cloud Computing

·         Why Cloud Computing

·         Benefits of Cloud Computing

·         Cloud technology overview and vendors

·         Cloud Computing Models (Private, Public, Hybrid and Community)

·         Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

2.      Introduction to Azure

·         Overview of Azure

·         Subscription Types, Account Creation

·         Managing Azure with the Azure portal

·         Understanding the Azure Pricing model

·         Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell, Cloud Shell, CLI

·         Overview of Azure Resource Manager (ARM Templates)

·         Azure management services

·         Azure Regions, Datacenters

3.      Implementing virtual machines

·         Overview of Azure Resource Manager virtual machines

·         Planning for Azure virtual machines

·         Deploying virtual machines

·         Accessing the Windows and Linux Azure VM’s

4.      Managing virtual machines

·         Configuring virtual machines

·         Configuring virtual machine disks

·         Managing and monitoring Azure virtual machines

·         Managing Classic virtual machines

5.      Implementing and managing Azure networking

·         Overview of Azure networking

·         Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks

·         IP addressing and Endpoints

·         Creating and Configuring Azure virtual networks

·         Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity

·         Azure DNS

·         Network Security Groups

6.      Intersite Connectivity

·         VNet Peering

·         VNet-to-VNet Connections

·         Cross premises VPN connection, Site to Site VPN and ExpressRoute


7.      Network Traffic Management

·         Network Routing

·         Azure Load Balancer

·         Azure Traffic Manager

8.      Planning and implementing storage

·         Understanding Azure storage

·         Planning storage

·         Implementing and managing storage

·         Creating storage accounts, Blobs, Queues, Files, Tables

·         Storage Security

·         Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks

9.      Data Services

·         Content Delivery Network

·         File Sync

·         Import and Export Service

·         Data Box

10.  Data Protection

·         Data Replication

·         Implementing Azure Backup

·         Planning for and implementing Azure Site Recovery

·         Protecting Data with Microsoft Azure Backup


11.  Monitoring

·         Azure Monitor

·         Azure Alerts

·         Log Analytics

·         Network Watcher

12.  Implementing Azure Active Directory

·         Overview of Azure AD

·         Creating and managing Azure AD tenants

·         Configuring application and resource access with Azure AD

·         Creates Users and Groups in Azure AD

·         Overview of Azure AD Premium

·         Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect

·         Azure AD Join

13.  Securing Identities

·         Multi-Factor Authentication

·         Azure AD Identity protection

·         Self-Service Password Reset


14.  Governance and Compliance

·         Subscriptions and Accounts

·         Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

·         Users and Groups

·         Azure Policy


15.  Implementing Azure App services

·         Introduction to App Service

·         Planning app deployment in App Service

·         Implementing and maintaining web apps

·         Configuring web apps

·         Monitoring web apps and WebJobs

·         Implementing mobile apps

·         Overview of Function app and Logic App


16.  Planning and implementing Azure SQL Database

·         Planning and deploying Azure SQL Database

·         Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database

·         Managing Azure SQL Database security

·         Monitoring Azure SQL Database

·         Managing Azure SQL Database business continuity


17.  Planning and Working with Migrations

·         How to Planning the migration from on-premises to Azure

·         Migration Tools

·         Migration methods

·         Implementing a Migration of VM’s



18.  Implementation of Azure Automation

·         Basics of PowerShell commands

·         Working with PowerShell scripts

·         Managing Azure resources with Automation





Topics covered:

Microsoft Azure

Institute Info

Faculty : srikanth
Duration : 45 Days
Course Fee : 12,000
Training Type : Online

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