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C++ Training

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Course Description:

C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It has imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features, while also providing facilities for low-level memory manipulation.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn C++ Programming.

Below are the topics:

Syllabus of C ++

Beginning with C++

  • What is C++, its Applications, Advantages etc.
  • Difference between C and C++
  • Creating C++ source file, Editing, Compiling etc.

Object Oriented Programming

  • ok at Procedure-oriented Programming
  • A Brief Look At Object Oriented Programming(OOP).
  • Applications of OOP, Benefits of OOPS

C++ Tokens, Expressions, and Control Structure.

  • Tokens
  • C++ keywords
  • Basic Data Types
  • User-defined Data Types
  • Derived Data Types
  • Operators in C++
  • Reference Variables

Functions In C++

  • Different forms of functions function prototyping
  • Call by ReferenceInline
  • Functionsfunction
  • Inline Functions
  • overloading
  • friend and virtual functions
  • Math library functions etc.

Classes And Objects

  • Structure revision
  • defining classes
  • defining member functions
  • declaration of objects to class access to member variables from objects
  • different forms of member functions dependence on access specifiers(i.e. Private, public, protected) .
  • array of objects
  • objects as function arguments friendly function
  • returning objects & pointers to members
  • local classes.

Memory Management and pointers

  • Using New operator, comparison of new over malloc, calloc and realloc etc.
  • Memory freeing using Delete operator.

Constructor and Destructor:

  • Constructors
  • parameterized constructors
  • Multiple constructors in class
  • dynamic initialization of objects Destructors.

Operator Overloading and type conversion

  • defining operator overloading - (unary, binary operators)
  • overloading binary operators using friends
  • Rules for overloading operators type conversion

Inheritance – extending class

  • types of inheritance
  • single inheritance
  • multiple inheritance
  • Multilevel inheritance
  • hierarchical inheritance g)hybrid inheritance etc.
  • virtual base class
  • abstract class
  • constructors in derived class.

Pointer, Virtual Functions, Polymorphism.

  • Intro
  • Pointers
  • pointers to objects? this pointer
  • pointers to derived class
  • virtual functions
  • pure virtual functions etc.

Managing Console I/O Operations

  • C++ streams
  • c++ stream classes unformated / formated I/O operations.
  • managing output with manipulators.

Working with files.

  • Intro
  • creating/ opening / closing / deleting giles
  • file pointers and their manipulators
  • updating file random access to file Error handling during file operations.
  • command line arguments.


  • Intro
  • class templates
  • function templates
  • overloading of template function.

Exception Handling

  • Exception handling – throwing catching
  • re-throwing an exceptions specifying exceptions etc.

Introducing STL (Standard template library)

  • Components of STL
  • Containers
  • Algorithms
  • Iterators
  • Function objects


  • String Manipulation in C++
  • creating objects
  • manipulating string objects relational operators
  • string characters
  • accessing characters in strings

New Features of C++

  • New data types
  • New operators
  • Class implementation
  • namespace scope
  • operator keywords
  • new headers etc.

Buffer Time for Revision

  • Future Ahead
  • Modern Programming Languages
  • Java Use Case
  • .Net Use Case

Topics covered:

C++ Programming

Institute Info

Faculty : ------
Duration : 45 Days
Course Fee : ------
Training Type : Online
Batch Type : Regular

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