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Welcome To Manea Academy

Manea Academy
Manea Academy
S.R Nagar, Hyderabad
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About Manea Academy

About Manea school of hair & beauty :

Mane’a hair and beauty academy is established in coalition with L’Oréal Professional in August 2014, by the well-known and the fastest growing Mane’a hair and beauty salons chain of India. Mane’a hair and beauty academy in Hyderabad is an educational academy equipped with the finest methods of teaching both theory and the real time practical experience. Our certification for makeup courses and hairdressing training course are the best courses available in Hyderabad for the hair and beauty, and the courses are taught by the highly skilled faculty with all the niche technicalities used in the industry, which makes each of our students excel in the learning curve and become a thorough professional.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission  :   To inspire and nurture the talent and interest to be at it’s best.

Our Vision    :   To improve and innovate the world class training standards to raise the bar furthermore for emerging professionals to create their mark.

For us, producing the professionals for hair & beauty is simply not enough. Mane’a hair and beauty academy is (and always will be) dedicated to preparing our professionals to create their mark in making this world a further more beautiful place, and also make it easy for everybody to see that our commitment to caring for people is a driving force in everything we do.

Here are the principles and how we live them every day:

It is always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about learning and teaching the finest techniques, applying them with great care, and improving the lives and Hair & Skin of the people we serve. We care deeply about you, so our work is personalized as per your needs.

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