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Andheri, Mumbai
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About Livewire

With the IT development industry growing at a faster rate than ever before, it has become essential to get skilled labour to help one go through the shackles of the trade. Having read the need of the hour, LiveTechIndia plans to provide the best in class IT solutions to the companies looking out for the same. However, with the founders of the company being in the trade for quite some times now, LiveTechIndia feels that by only catering the services to the clients would not be all that one would need, they thus moved a step forward and started off with the IT Training as well. 
The company was formed on 28th of August 2016 by Tushar Sorte and Swapnil Darekar, two of the experienced professionals in this very industry. Right from the beginning, the company has looked forward to catering the clients in the best way possible and helping them get aware of the latest techniques and technologies which one might need.Over the course of a few month, the company has been able to cater to some of the most well-known clients in the trade. This has been fundamental in shaping up the company in exactly the way it is now.

The company aims to bring about a change in the way IT industries are going these days and to add innovation to their business, so as to serve the clients in the most efficient way possible. It also looks forward to bring about the IT revolution in the country by simply growing the awareness of this particular field among students, so that they can help in the change that the company dreams of.

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