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Online Web Development Courses

Online Web Development Courses

Real trainings provide best PHP Training Institutes in hyderabad,We Find The Best PHP Training Institutes ,PHP Online and  classroom Training, PHP EXperts with realtime Trainers in Hyderabad.

Online Web Development Courses :

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP allows web developers to create dynamic websites that interact with databases. PHP is popular and widely used programming language used for website Development.

PHP is a Server side scripting language often written in an HTML context. Unlike Ordinary HTML Page, a PHP Script is not sent directly to a client by the server; instead it is parsed by the PHP Engine. HTML elements in the script are left alone, but PHP Code is interpreted and executed.

PHP Code in a script can query databases, create images, write and read files, talk to remote servers. The possibilities of PHP are endless. The output from PHP Code is combined with the HTML in the script and the result is sent to the user.

PHP is also installed as a command line application, making it an excellent tool for scripting on a server. Now a day’s many system administrators are now using PHP for the sort of Automation that has been traditionally handled by PERL Scripting and SHELL Scripting.

An Introduction to PHP :

  • History of PHP
  • Versions and Differences between them
  • Practicality
  • Power
  • Installation and configuring Apache and PHP 

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