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Guidewire career & Salary In India in 2021


Table Of Contents:

1.History Of Guidewire

2.What is Guidewire

3.About Guidewire

4.Services/products offered by Guidewire

5.Who is Guidewire Developer?

6.Benefits of Guidewire

7.Skills required for Guidewire

8.Guidewire developer salary in india

9.Positions as a Guidewire Developer

10. Conclusion

History Of Guidewire:


Guidewire Software Inc Company Was Established In the year 2001 this Company was founded by  Ken Branson,John Seybold,John Raguin,James Kwak,Mark Shaw.

Guidewire Acquired Many Companies Some of them are given below:

In 2013 Guidewire Obtained MillBrook Company

In 2017 Iscs,FirstBest,Eagleeye analytics

In 2018 Cyence which was a Cyber Insurance Company

Finally In the year 2019 Mike Rosenbaum is appointed as CEO of the company.


What Is Guidewire Technology?

Guidewire is a Leading Software Company It is a revenue recurring company .Guidewire offers 3 major products One of the most popular among them are property & casualty in insurance industry

The three major products are :





About Guidewire:

Guidewire Software Inc is one of  the platforms  for  Property & Casualty insurers trusted to Connect, innovate, and grow effortlessly in a smooth manner. Guidewire Software Inc  combines digital, core, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to deliver our platform as a cloud service. More than 300+ insurers, from new Apartments,Colonies,Ventures to the largest and most complex in the world, run on Guidewire.

 Services/Products Offered by Guidewire Company:

Guidewire has built in suite of products 




For  Property and Casualty Insurance workflows and administration. These are highly Customized products and these products can be  Integrated with any Property /Casualty Insurer environment.These Products were Built On Latest or Trending Technologies Like Java they have Developed  the GOSU programming language  Based on the Java,C#. There is a huge Scope  because it is  currently adopted by leading insurance companies in the US and other emerging markets. 

To Work on this platform one should have knowledge of Insurance Domain and Programming Languages  like Java Or C# to work on this platform.

Who Is a Guidewire Developer?

Guidewire Developer Creates Apps, digital experiences, and solve complex problems.Guidewire was written in the Gosu Language developers work on this language. Gosu is a language which was developed by the Guidewire Software Inc Company Based on the Java  Language.It is a Statically typed general purpose Programming Language Which runs on Java Virtual Machine.


The Products Built on Guidewire Software are the world's Most Trusted products. 


 Benefits of Guidewire?


1.Enable Digital Transformation.

2.Delivers Excellence Service.

3.Makes Insurance Convenient.

4.Accelerates Product Launch.

5.Helps To Grow Business Rapidly.


 Skills Required For Guidewire Technology:


       2.Gosu Language


       4.Understanding of Gw integration/configuration concepts

       5.Any Database language.


 Guidewire Developer salary In India:

The Major Factors Affecting Guidewire Developer Salary In India It depends On Your Qualification,Salary,Experience are to be considered among the Most.

The average salary for Guidewire developer Differs by Location, Experience,Skills etc.

The Average Basic Salary In Hyderabad Is 4,87,884 per annum This Amount can be Lowered as Rs. 1,16,000/year and reach a maximum of Rs. 9,39,000/year depending on different conditions Like Qualification ,Location, Experience, Salary.

 Positions For  a Guidewire Developer:

1).Entry Level

 The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Guidewire Developer in India is Rs. 116,000 per annum

 2).Mid Level

The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Guidewire  Developer in India is Rs. 488,000 per annum

3).Senior Level

 The Average Basic Salary For Senior Level Guidewire  Developer in India Is Rs.9,88,000/Yr



Guidewire Developers can earn very basic salary at entry level but after goining to senior level they can expect more than before

Top companies recruiting guidewire developers are Deloitte,p&wc,Cognizant,Accenture etc.




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