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Course Description:

Graphic Design Content

Adobe Photoshop CS6

  • Overview of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Types of Color Modes.
  • Difference between Vector & Raster
  • Versions of Photoshop
  • Usage / Importance of Photoshop
  • How to Start / Access Photoshop
  • Photoshop & other file extensions can we create

Creating a New Document and explaining of various page sizes and margins

  • Creating various Document Sizes
  • Set up Margins

Selection Tools

  • Lasso Tool
  • Polygon Lasso Tool
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Rectangular Marquee Tool
  • Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Explaining and Usage of Pen Tool.
  • Pen Tool
  • Free Form Pen Tool
  • Path Selection Tool
  • Direct Selection Tool
  • Explaining about various Type tools with an Example
  • Horizontal Type Tool
  • Vertical Type Tool
  • Explaining about Image Editing Tools.
  • Healing Brush Tool
  • Patch Tool
  • Red Eye Tool
  • Dodge Tool
  • Sponge Tool
  • Smudge Tool
  • Blur Tool
  • Explaining about Stamping Tools and History Brush Tools
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Pattern Stamp Tool
  • History Brush Tool
  • Art History Brush Tool
  • Explaining about Gradient Tools and How to apply
  • Gradient Tools
  • Types of Gradients
  • Explaining about Custom shapes and Selection Tools
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Slice Tool
  • Slice Select Tool.
  • Creating Animation by using custom shape and other Tools
  • Multi Layer Animation
  • Single Layer Animation.
  • Saving file format of Animation.
  • Explaining about Quick Mask and usage of it
  • Selection of Area
  • Explain how to Trace an Image by using brush and pencil Tools
  • Tracing by Reference.
  • Explaining about how to convert a color image to black and white and black and white to color?
  • Color Corrections
  • Explaining about 3D Tools
  • How to navigate the 3D objects.
  • What is the main usage of 3D Tools.
  • Explaining the File Menu
  • Explaining the Edit Menu
  • Explaining the Image Menu
  • Explaining the Image menu along with Adjustments
  • Explaining the Blending Modes and Options
  • Explaining the Layers Menu
  • Explaining the Select and Analysis Menu
  • Explaining about Filters Menu
  • Explaining the 3D Menu
  • Explaining the View Menu
  • Explaining the Window Menu

Topics covered:

Graphic Designing

Institute Info

Faculty : ------
Duration : 90 Days
Course Fee : 5,000
Training Type : Online

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