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Course Description:


1.      Overview of IDM and Sailpoint IIQ

2.      High level architecture and Installation components overview

3.      Installation of IIQ 7.2 version

4.      IIQ Components Overview

·         Connectors

·         Application Configuration steps overview

·         Tasks

·         Roles

·         Policies

·         Certifications

·         Forms

·         Workflows

·         LCM

·         Emails

·         Reports

·         Audit

·         Logging

·         Debug page

5.      Practice Sessions (Training Material)

Section 1

·         Install IdentityIQ

·         Configure certain IdentityIQ administrative features

a)     Redirect Emails to a file

b)     Enable Logging

c)      Configure certain audit events

·         Onboard Identity information from authoritative (systems of record) application sources

a)     Employees

b)     Contractors

·         Onboard additional account and group data from additional non-authoritative application sources.

a)     Flat File (CSV) data feeds containing user accounts and group data

b)     JDBC data feeds containing users accounts and group data

c)      LDAP system containing user accounts and group data


    Section 2

·         Detect and handle Uncorrelated Accounts

·         Configure Account Attributes

·         Configure Groups and Populations

·         Define Policies to detect issues with a user’s access

·         Define Risk scoring to identify risky users

·         Perform Certifications on the following:

a)     Application Accounts

b)     Application Entitlements

c)      Application Account Groups

d)     Advanced Certifications based on Populations and Groups

e)     Using rules to control the certification behavior:

1.      Exclusion Rule

2.      Pre-Delegation Rule

    Section 3

·         Define a Role Model

a)     Business Roles – Based on identity or account attributes

b)     IT Roles – Based on account entitlements

·         Learn about the SailPoint API by running an assortment of example rules

·         Configure, schedule, and run sequential tasks and a rule runner task

·         Learn how to create and deploy a custom task

·         Learn how to create a custom report

Section 4

·         Enabling LCM

·         Configuring Workflow

·         Provisioning concepts


6.      Usage of API's

7.      Beanshell coding practice with Custom Logics Implementation

8.      Custom Business Scenarios implementation- Hire, Terminate

9.      Debugging and Issue fixes

10.  Interview Questions

Topics covered:

Cyber Security

Institute Info

Faculty : rahul
Duration : 60 Days
Course Fee : 25,000
Training Type : Online
Batch Type : Regular

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