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Course Description:

1.      Overview of All CyberArk Products

2.      Security Layers of Enterprise Password Vault

3.      Standalone Installation of CyberArk Digital Vault

4.      Installation Of PrivateArk Client

5.      Understand features of Central Policy Manager (CPM)

6.      Installation of Central Policy Manager (CPM) and Post installations

7.      Installation of the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) and Post Installation

8.      installation of the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) and Post Installation

9.       Privileged Session Manager (PSM)

10.  LDAP(AD) integration and User management

11.  Manage all aspects of Master Policy (Password Management,

12.  onboarding account Windows(local and domain),Linux,DB,AWS

13.  Perform and test configuration at Platform level

14.  Understand On-Demand Privilege Manager (OPM) for Unix and the benefits it offers over the existing SUDO solution

15.  Installation of On-Demand Privilege Manager (OPM) on a Linux Box

16.   Backup and Restore

17.  Privileged Session Manager SSH Proxy or PSMP – Installation and end to end Implementation with PSM SSH Proxy and AD Bridge

18.  Password Upload Utility

19.  Perform daily operation and maintenance tasks – start/stop, observe logs for various components, important configuration files and known issues with troubleshooting steps.

20.  Reports

21.  Directory Maps

22.  Logon Accounts (Linux) and Reconciliation Accounts (Windows) using CPM

23.  PACLI and its usages

24.  Rest API

25.  HA implementation of EPV

26.  Multiple CPM,PVWA,PSM

Topics covered:

Cyber Security

Institute Info

Faculty : vishal
Duration : 45 Days
Course Fee : 20,000
Training Type : Online
Batch Type : Regular

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