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About SPARK & SCALA Course

SPARK & SCALA Course Details

What is Scala and Spark?

Scala is a sophisticated language with flexible syntax when compared to Java or Python. There is an increasing demand for Scala developers because big data companies value developers who can master a productive and robust programming language for data analysis and processing in Apache Spark.


Advantages  of spark & scala :


Benefits of Apache Spark and Scala to Professionals and Organizations. Fault tolerance capabilities because of immutable primary abstraction named RDD. Provides processing platform for streaming data using spark streaming. Highly efficient in real time analytics using spark streaming and spark sql.


Disadvantages  of spark & scala :


Here are five of the biggest bugbears when using Spark in production:


  • Memory issues. No, I'm not talking about the perennial issue of Spark running out of heap space in the middle of processing a large amount of data. ...
  • The small files problem...again..
  • Spark Streaming. ...
  • Python. ...
  • Random crazy errors.

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