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Learn Veritas NetBackup Training

Learn Veritas NetBackup Training

Learn Veritas NetBackup Training :

Veritas NetBackup is an enterprise-level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite. It provides cross-platform backup functionality to a large variety of Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

NetBackup features a central master server which manages both media servers and clients. Core server platforms include Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64, Linux and Windows.

NetBackup OpsCenter, which comes bundled with the NetBackup 7.0 distribution and replaces the NetBackup Operations Manager(NOM) component used in previous versions, can manage multiple NetBackup environments. NetBackup comes with support for many hardware devices like tape drives, tape libraries, disk units. It supports, among many[quantify] other features, hot backups for major database products like Oracle; it can natively backup and restore the virtual machines of major virtualization products like VMware Infrastructure, can use Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), and has tape vaulting. NetBackup also enables LAN-free and server-free backups in SAN fabric environments.

Product have been adapting features during previous releases, in version 8.1 support for BMR, Bare Metal Restore is not available, client-software needs to stay on version 8.0. It will be available again in 8.2. NetBackup have started to become first class citizen for handling virtual host environments.

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