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Course Description:

ServiceNow Course Content

Introduction to Service Now

·         What is Service Now

·         Why and who can use Service Now

·         Concept of cloud computing in Service Now

·         Introduction to ITIL foundation

·         Navigation and users

·         Helpful portals, releases

Customize Homepage

·         Creating Gauges

·         Define CSS properties, UI Properties

·         Change visibility of Homepage and banner

Tables, Form, Dictionary

·         Creating Application, module

·         Creating table

·         Personalizing form and table layout

·         Creating Section,

·         View

·         Dictionary entries

·         Dictionary overrides

·         Reference qualifiers

·         Related lists

Update set’s Creation

·         Creating an update set

·         Merge update set

·         Retrieve Update set in another instance


Creating workflow

·         Workflow editor and workflow scripts

·         Workflow activities and workflow context

·         Workflow stages, transitions

 Service catalog management

·         Use of service catalog, back end execution

·         Creating catalog item, record producer, order guide

·         Create RITM and catalog task

·         Attaching workflow to catalog items

Importing data in Service Now

·         Data sources,

·         XML import

·         Transform maps,

·         Scheduled data import

·         Import sets

·         Transform scripts

·         Data load automation

User Administration

·         Creating groups

·         Users and Departments

·         Concept of delegation

·         Customizing user profile

·         Roles & group membership

·         Fetch detail of logged in user


Email Notification

·         Defining a Template

·         Define notification

·         Email logs

·         Introduction to SMTP and POP mail servers

·         Trigger email on event

Create SLA & Schedule

·         SLA Definitions

·         SLA Properties

·         Attach SLA to tasks

·         Create schedule and child schedule

Scheduled Jobs

·         Introduction to scheduled jobs

·         Scheduled Job log

·         Scheduled reports

Access Control List

·         Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level

·         Debug ACLS

·         Write ACL Scripts

·         Concept of privileged system admin

Content Management (CMS)

·         Creating site, page

·         Dynamic content block

·         Define Header, theme, style sheet

·         Creating UI page, UI

·         macros



Introduction to Web service

·         Introduction to web services

·         SOAP Messages


·         Personalize users

·         Debugging Business Rule

·         Debugging ACL

·         Background scripts

Topics covered:


Institute Info

Faculty : raj kiran
Duration : 45 Days
Course Fee : 15,000
Training Type : Online

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