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ervicenow Training

Visualpath offers Classroom and Online Servicenow training in Hyderabad, India and provide hands-on experience to apply Service Now Applications in the business. This training includes the fundamental architecture, technical elements, implementation planning concerns and implementation tasks important for a Servicenow. 
Our Servicenow Training in Hyderabad and Online is planned generally at a time that best fits you; we offer regular training classes, weekend training classes, and Online Classes also. Our Servicenow Training course fee is affordable and tailor-made dependent on training requirement. 
In Servicenow Online and class Room Training Program you will understand about the servicenow user interface and use numerous features and software applications.


Course content For Servicenow Training:


Module-1: Service Now Overview and Introduction

  • Introduction of Service Now
  • What is Service Now?
  • Why and who can use Service Now
  • History of Service Now
  • Service Now Features
  • Service Now Objectives
  • Service Now Lifecycle
  • Architecture of Service Now
  • Service Now Market Trends
  • Prerequisites for Service Now
  • Concept of cloud computing in Service Now
  • Introduction to ITIL foundation
  • Agile Methodology
  • Navigation and users
  • Helpful portals, releases

Module-2: Core Configuration of Service Now

  • Service Now User Interface
  • Forms and Lists
  • Plugins
  • User Administration
  • Configure User Accounts
  • Creation of groups
  • Assign roles to users and assign them to groups
  • Licensing
  • Creation of tables and forms
  • Create new tables, applications and modules
  • Creation of import sets, transform maps

Module-3: Introduction to Knowledge base and Service Catalog

  • Introduction to knowledge base
  • Create catalog items, order guides and record producers
  • Workflow Administration, SLAs and Reports
  • Perform workflow activities and administration
  • Record Producer
  • Order Guide
  • Create and apply SLAs
  • Create and modify Reports
  • Core Application and Configuration

Module-4: Working with Ui Policies and UI Actions

  • Create and modify UI Policies
  • Client Scripts
  • Business Rules
  • Script Includes
  • UI Actions
  • Create events and configure email notifications
  • Set up Access Control Rules

Module-5: System Upgrades

  • Introduction to system upgrades
  • View upgrade history and status
  • Create and apply update sets
  • Retrieve and apply update sets
  • Best practices
  • Homepage administration
  • System Administration Best Practices

Module-6: Create SLA &Schedule

  • SLA Definitions
  • SLA Properties
  • Attach SLA to tasks
  • Create schedule and child schedule

Module-7: Scheduled Jobs

  • Introduction to scheduled jobs
  • Scheduled Job log
  • Scheduled reports

Module-8: Access Control List

  • Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level
  • Debug ACLS
  • Write ACL Scripts
  • Concept of privileged system admin

Module-9: Content Management (CMS)

  • Creating site, page
  • Dynamic content block
  • Define Header, theme, style sheet
  • Creating UI page, UI macros


Development Course Overview


Module-1: Customizing Homepage

  • Creating Gauges
  • Define CSS properties, UI Properties
  • Change visibility of Homepage and banner
  • Determine if an application is a good fit with Service Now
  • Design and implement a data model
  • Create modules
  • Create mobile versions of applications
  • Use Application Scope

Module-2: Application User Interface

  • Create, design, and customize forms
  • Add/Remove fields from forms and tables
  • Write, test, and debug client-side scripts for desktop and mobile
  • Write, test, and debug server-side scripts
  • Use a Record Producer as an application's UI

Module- 3: Security and Restricting Access

  • Restrict access to applications and application modules
  • Automatically create application Access Controls
  • Manually create, test, and debug Access Controls
  • Use Glide System methods to script security
  • Use Application Scope to protect application artifacts

Module -4: Application Automation

  • Write, test, and debug Workflow
  • Implement and use Document Feeds
  • Create and use Application Properties
  • Create Events, Scheduled Script Executions (Scheduled Jobs), and Utils (application) Script Includes
  • Send and receive email F. Design and create Homepages and reports

Module- 5: – Working with External Data

  • Import data in CSV or Excel format
  • Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using SOAP
  • Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using REST

Module- 6:– Managing Applications

  • Download and install applications
  • Use Team Development to manage source code versions and code review
  • Use the Service Now Git integration to manage source code

Module-7:- Discovery Application

  • Installing discovery Plugin
  • Configuration of Discovery
  • Working in Discovery

Topics covered:


Institute Info

Faculty : ------
Duration : 35 Days
Course Fee : 10,000
Training Type : Online

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